Healthy You For Fitness

Ladies it’s your gym for a Healthy You!

You are invited to join our “Slim & Fit” group and get in the best shape of your life …ever.  You will be assigned a personal coach who will monitor and guide you towards the goal of a healthy Fit you.  Pink Pearl believes in a healthy balance to your life.  What does that mean?  You definitely need to eat, but over eating is unhealthy.  You need to exercise; but over exercising is also bad.  So you ask what is the answer?  The answers is Balance!  Balance work and play.  Balanced nutrition, Balanced fitness, and Balanced  Health.

The Fitness sessions with Ms. Margaryta by appointment only

Here’s an overview of how we’ll work with you and what we’ll accomplish:

1. Determine your personal Goal:

  •  Lose Weight
  •  Get in shape
  •  Gain Strength & Flexibility
  •  Increase Energy
  •  Improve Health

2. Commit to following the Program:

  •  Scheduled meetings to help you to achieve your goal
  • Positive change in your life
  • Personal Progress Chart will be monitored weekly
  • Learn very important facts about proper nutrition and weight management

3. Fitness commitment:

  • Exercise regularly: at least three times a week
  •  Choose the fitness program that is right for you.

4. Nutrition commitment for a Healthy You:

  • Basic Nutrition: Eat Healthy
  • Supplemental Nutrition

5. Reevaluation of the progress and goals:

  • Celebrating success
  • Discovering strengths and weaknesses
  • Setting new goals
  • Your Health and Wellness

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Life balance works


Your fitness will affect your healthy you.  Your Healthy you will affect your fitness.  I know that sounds a little ZEN!  but think about this;  If you have a health issue it affects your ability to exercise, a lack of exercise affects your fitness, and of course your fitness affects your health.  If that sounds like talking in a circle to you that’s good; Better if it speaks to you.  On the chain of event I just listed you can start at any one point of that line and come full circle back to the beginning.

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See Past Pink Pearls


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