The Philosophy of Yoga

margaryta-yogaThe philosophy of Yoga comes from a text called the Yoga Sutras, written about 2000 years ago by Indian sage Patanjali. Physical postures, breathing exercises are the aspects of yoga. Patanjali described how we can transform ourselves through the practice of Yoga, gaining control over mind and emotions and overcoming obstacles to self-realization.

Take Responsibility for Your Health. 

Most people tend be passive in health matters. They wait until something goes wrong, and then they rely on a pill or physician to fix the problem. Yoga encourages you to take initiative in preventing illness and restoring or maintaining your health. It is simply the matter of taking responsibility for your health. Unless you learn to eat well, sleep adequately, avoid stress, and take life more easy, you are bound to have recurrence before long. Try to change your lifestyle!

Yoga Classes

Sun Salutation –

this class is for beginners, includes the basic Yoga exercises to improve your health and understand the character of Yoga. “Take a breath of the new dawn and make it part of you. It will give you strength.

Yoga Challenge –

is created mostly for the people who do a lot of sport activity, who has had Yoga experience before, understands its benefits, and who would like to improve the body and spirit by practicing Yoga seriously. Let’s move deeper into the poses and free our busy mind of the stress, worries and fears by relaxation.

Gentle Yoga –

this class is for beginners, includes thebasic Yoga exercises to improve your health and understand the character of Yoga. Maybe, you always wanted to try Yoga but were thinking that Yoga is not your style. Just try!

Family Yoga –

it is a session of private lessons for the whole family or friends. Enjoy your family time and get benefits from practicing Yoga. You will be surprised that your kids really like the class. Schedule your family practice at convenient time.

Future Mom-Yogini –

healthy exercises for pregnant women.

See Past Pink Pearls

See Past Pink Pearls


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