Teens and Adults


 Gymnastics For Adults:  

Tuesday: 7:15 – 8:15  Gymnastics & Tumbling training sessions for Adults and Teens (16+y/o)

Cost: $25.00 per 1 hour training session.

 Gymnastics for kids 9+years old and Teens

Tuesday: 5:45 – 7:15 Beginner and Intermediate Level, 9+years old (A regular class)
Thursday: 5:45 – 7:45 Intermediate and Advance Level for  9+ years old (A regular class)

Saturday: 12:30 – 2:00 Beginner and Intermediate Level, 7+years old

Gymnastics and Tumbling private lessons are offered.


We welcome you to become a member of our Pink Pearl Gymnastics family.  It will be very beneficial for your child and you to start the great sport of Gymnastics.  This program targets building up the whole body strength by doing a lot of cardio exercise and gymnastics conditioning.

Gymnastics Skills: IMG_4605

Tumbling: We will teach the Tumbling skills starting with basic skills like Forward – Backward Rolls, Handstands, Bridges and move forward progressing in skills level: Front and Back Walkovers, Handsprings, Round Off, Back Handspring and so on.

Uneven Bars: The young gymnasts will learn beginner, intermediate and advanced Bars skills practicing swinging, pull ups, pull up-pull overs, front and back hip circles.

Balance Beam: The Pink Pearls improve their balance by doing fun and challenging tasks on the high Balance Beam: walks, kicks, jumps, acrobatic skills.

Gymnastics and Tumbling: This class will include Gymnastics Training with the main focus on Tumbling skills. It will be perfect fit for the athletes taking cheerleading program but would like to improve and perfect their tumbling skills

Conditioning & Flexibility: To help your athlete to gain strength through power gymnastics conditioning targeting the whole body, improving flexibility by using gymnastics and yoga techniques.


We always want you to be comfortable with our gymnastics studio, that is why we offer a Free Trial Class.

We believe that it is never too early or late to challenge your body and work on its perfection!

Sing up for a Free trial class for kids only!

$100.00 Monthly Tuition (for 1.5 hour classes once a week)

$130.00 Monthly Tuition (for 2 hour classes once a week)

$30.00 One-Time Registration Fee;

$35 Uniform (pink leotard & blue shorts)

For Adults: $25.00 per 1 hour training session.

See Past Pink Pearls

See Past Pink Pearls


My daughter attended Pink Pearl for a year in the 3’s class, but unfortunately we had to move. Tim and Margaryta are fantastic and very patient with the kids, as it can be hard dealing with a lot of 3-year olds. Margaryta is very knowledgeable and accomplished in the gymnastics world. We will miss them, […]

We love your place. You made my children feel welcome and confident. Instructions were Fantastic. Thank you Margaryta.

My daughter attended Pink Pearl dance last year (ballroom dance) and loved it! The facility is warm and inviting, the staff is welcoming and takes time to address any questions or concerns that parents have. This is not a program that is money or competitive driven. In fact the opposite is true! This is a […]

I have been going to Pink Pearl for women’s fitness and yoga for almost a year and I Love It!! The staff make all the difference! I receive individualized fitness plans that point me toward personal goals. I look forward to going to each class and I leave feeling refreshed, encouraged and stronger. My quality […]

Pink Pearl Gymnastics is awesome! Coaches make learning gymnastics fun, even though it is hard. Can’t wait for my next lesson.

The staff at Pink Pearl are very knowledgeable, professional and wonderful with children. There is a good balance between excellence in training and making the environment fun at the same time. While there is an expectation that the children learn and perform well, I do not feel that there is unreasonable pressure placed on the […]

My daughter has been attending classes at Pink Pearl Gymnastics since she was 18 months old. She is now 4 years old and absolutely loves taking gymnastics. Her teacher has taken the time to get to know my daughter and works hard to push her to excel without causing her to lose the passion for […]

Gymnastics is one of the highlights of my children’s week. The children all love her and her teaching skills are superb. She combines fun and professionalism. She is always making the children feel special and helping them be the best of their capabilities. The little extra things she does puts her gym above all others. […]

Pink Pearl is a wonderful gymnastic studio that offers great private instruction for your child or in a group setting. They also provide adult fitness programs and dance and martial arts for parents or siblings. The quality of this instruction is awesome and a very loving environment. Thank you for all you do…We love Pink […]


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